Reaching 214 members thanks to RS Clare

Much needed funding from Liverpool based company, RS Clare has been helping FireFit to improve the mental health of its young members throughout the third lockdown with 214 welfare calls. 

Shorter days, colder weather and overall lockdown fatigue, the third lockdown has been considered by many to be the toughest. One group feeling the effects more than most is children and young people. In a report by Young Minds, 75% of respondents agreed that they had found the third lockdown harder to cope with than the previous ones.  

But, thanks to the generosity of RS Clare, the team at FireFit Hub have been able to reach out to young members aged 11-16, and the guardians of members aged 6-10 years, to check on their wellbeing during such a challenging time. 

The 1-2-1 contact gave young people and their families a much-needed opportunity to discuss how they were feeling with someone who wasn’t a family member, friend or teacher.

If, and when, a member said they were struggling, the team took the time to encourage them to connect with others to regain a sense of belonging.

Members were also reminded to reduce their screen time and check in with their friends during break times, just like they would if they were in their usual school day environment. 

The team at FireFit Hub, as well as having a good relationship with FireFit members, also work closely in the community, and so were able to signpost individuals on for additional support when needed. 

Throughout the third lockdown, 214 welfare calls were made to FireFit members and their families, totalling 25 hours.  

Colin Scicluna, Centre Manager at FireFit,

“Even though face to face sessions have been on hold as a result of Covid restrictions, FireFit has ensured support has continued for young members. Through our Community Outreach and the team making regular welfare calls, members have the opportunity to raise any concerns or just enjoy a catch up with a familiar voice if needed during lockdown.

We’re grateful for organisations like RS Clare for their generous support which has allowed us to reach more young people at a difficult time.”

Young members and their families have welcomed the additional support.

 “It’s been a tough year for us, and it’s been really nice to have someone check in on us as a family” Parent of a Youth Member with Autism 

“It’s been nice chatting to the staff again and not being forgotten about. I’m excited to be able to go back to the centre when I can.” Youth Member 

“I like speaking to staff on the phone to update how I’m getting on at school and how I’m still doing sports with the videos online. It’s nice to talk to someone else outside the house.” Youth Member 

Children and young people have already faced an extremely challenging year, and although the end may be in sight, the pandemic is undoubtably going to have a long-term impact on the mental health of young people living in our communities.  

If, like RS Clare, you would like to help children and young people maintain positive mental health in our coronavirus recovery, please speak to our fundraising team by emailing or calling 0300 123 5809.