Delivering the fun to you

With our Virtual Summer Camp underway, the team has begun delivering activity bags for young FireFit Hub members across Liverpool, who signed up to our online activities.

Thanks to a generous donation from HMS, over 80 activity bags have been packed with items to help keep children entertained and engaged as part of our Virtual Summer Camp.

The money raised from HMS' virtual quiz and race night, has enabled FireFit to enhance the delivery of support being delivered for young people during this time. 

While delivering the goodies in the community, Youth Hosts Anthony and Mo took the opportunity to catch up some members and their families.

Anthony said, “It’s been good to see some familiar faces while promoting the online sessions we’ve created. It’s been fun setting some sporty challenges and the kids were keen to give us more ideas today!”

Young Lola had not long signed up to the Hub before lockdown began, so she’s excited to get back to seeing some familiar faces on the online sessions. Older sister Sophie is planning on coming to the afternoon sessions as part of the Youth Zone activities.

Jaron’s mum Rachel is keen to get him involved with the Virtual Summer Camp so he can see what fun can be expected at FireFit in the future.

Sisters Lea and Toni are waiting to see what challenges the team set so they can put their activity bags to use!    

In addition to the bags pulled together for our members, the wider Torus Foundation team has also been distributing to hundreds of Torus families who also signed up to take part in the Virtual Summer Camp. This includes families across Liverpool, St Helens and Warrington.

Additional funding for these bags was kindly given by Vaillant as part of a wider project, working together to support local families in hardship.

Centre Manager, Colin Scicluna adds, “On behalf of FireFit and the wider Torus Foudation team, I'd like to thank HMS for supporting the work we're delivering for our young community during this time. Our team is working hard to provide the tools our members need and want, to stay connected and it's great to think that through the Virtual Summer Camp, FireFit could be helping to entertain young people across the world as well as those on our doorstep!”

Virtual Summer Camp is Torus Foundation’s digital alternative to the School Holiday Camp and although activities are aimed at those age 5-12, all children and young people are welcome to get involved – for free.

To catch up with the Virtual Summer Camp, head to FireFit’s YouTube page and see previous videos/playlists of sessions you might have missed. To find out about the following week’s schedule of activities, families can either sign up to receive an email via or follow FireFit Hub on social media.

You can help support the work being delivered to young people and the wider community by becoming a member of FireFit Hub or heading to our Support Us page.